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The desire, alone, to transform anything within us is powerful—always leading to a heightened awareness of ourselves, our relation to others and our connection with the natural world around us. In my own life, I can glance back and view the abundant beauty woven throughout various challenges that I have faced. Collectively, I now recognize and embrace them as my greatest teachers. They have consistently pushed me to search for answers and, in doing so, I am always in the process of reaching further, of being able to both accept and offer more. My trust and understanding is that we all will further recognize the beauty in hindsight and continually grow to love and appreciate the challenging moments that will carry us to an even more amazing being.

Individual sessions focus on:

—nutritional support—

How we live (our thoughts, spiritual presence, state of mind, energetic being) and how we eat is as important as, if not more than, what we eat. Consistently choosing nourishing, organically grown, mineral-intense, nutrient-rich, fresh, whole foods, does play an important role, however, in creating and sustaining a functionally balanced mind, body and spirit.

collective conscious expression

It goes by many names. Some call it applied kinesiology. Others call it muscle reflex, truth or bio-energetic testing. I like to call it “collective conscious expression” because, essentially, it is the physical expression, through an instrument, of what the innate or universal intelligence that is interwoven into and a part of everything already knows. While there have been plenty of inquisitive and interpretive challenges along the way, this technique is one of the most interesting to me—and is the foundation to several energy balancing methods and healing science systems; including Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique and Network Chiropractic.

I occasionally use this technique to help determine which nutritional and/or lifestyle changes might support better physiological balance, as well as which areas of the body/being may benefit from extra care.

balancing infusions

I love working with plants. Each plant has its own unique nutritional offerings and signature energetic imprint, which blend with our own to help support subtle shifts and foundational healing. Herbal infusions are nature’s multi-vitamin. They are packed with nutrients that are easily accepted and assimilated into our bodies. As part of a colorful medicine bag, these balancing infusions are powerful and I enjoy sharing them with others.

—bio-energetic balance—

A focus on both structural and vibrational harmony is important for whole-being balance.

Somatic awareness is essential when it comes to understanding and working with the innate intelligence of our bodies. Whether it’s accessing the wisdom in a headache, surrendering to a stretch of full, deep, consciously guided breaths or trusting the directive feelings that emanate from our core; learning to “hear” what our bodies are offering and then making changes through touch and mindful movement allows for more fluid and restorative function.

Energy, or vibrational, healing is the practice of balancing energy fields within and surrounding the body and removing stress and blocks to the flow of this field. We are all an assembly of energy. When the energy body is out of balance, the distraction carries over to the physical body. Likewise, when the energy body is aligned and balanced, the physical body becomes more balanced and can better handle various forms of stress and repair.

Individual sessions focus on energetic balance (which, again, influences somatic balance) and are largely a combination of intuitively-guided healing and reiki. While I love to attend workshops and to learn about (and occasionally weave in) different tools and techniques, much of my work is innately guided, and simply involves being a conduit for intelligent energy.

—healing heat—

Heat has a powerful ability to relax the body and to help surrender material that is no longer in a person’s best interest—both physically and emotionally. For its healing and regenerative support, due to its deep-penetrating infrared heat, negative ions and amethyst and tourmaline crystals, all healing work takes place on a BioMat.

—rooted intention—

There is much power behind intent, alone. We’re always in the process of creating our lives through what we give focus to. Together, we’ll focus on creating good health, and both individual and global change.

Interwoven into all of the above is the “larger picture” purpose to remind us of our true nature and abilities; to remind us of how connected we are and how to remove obstacles to fully accessing and loving this connection in a way that will allow healing—on all levels.

Each of us is coming through with a one-of-a-kind, individually-tailored purpose and plan. I enjoy (and find effective) many healing modalities, yet the deepest, most sustaining well-being is simply wrapped up in our own unique, self-guided journey. Through this continually unfolding flow of living and learning, we are always in the magical process of transforming from an already brilliant being to an even more aware, more brilliant version of this same being.

…We are all healers in our own ways. Whether it’s through kind words, a warm smile or touch, good thoughts and intentions; we all have an innate ability to shift our energy—and the energy of others…


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Legal Note:  I am happy to provide information, products and/or services with the goal and intention of improving health, balance and well-being. Under United States law, only a medical doctor may treat an illness and disease with a medical origin. Any information given is for educational purposes only.


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