Likely as often as every other person, I am asked about what I am or what I do. People love labels. I’ve never enjoyed feeling boxed in by a title or label. Most seem too vague or inadequate in some way.  Therapist, in general, is both wide-spanning and unclear. Light worker feels too mystical. Healer? Aren’t we all healers in some form or fashion? There’s a solid chance that I’ve experienced a handful of lives fulfilling some sort of liaison-between-worlds role. I feel very resonant/at ease with these sort of spiritual community roles that are culturally out of place in many non-tribal societies.

…and for the 82% of you still reading after the partial mention of past lives……;)

I see, sense and move energy around in a palpable way, so an energy shifter, of sorts, is reasonably accurate, but it feels confusing and reliably stirs up further questions and explanation. Nutritionist? Naturopath? Maybe. They have been focal words during a couple of ventured-around programs. The educational programs for each are so broad and unfocused, however, (and my personal experience has embodied so much beyond each program,) that they’ve become, in my mind at least, just that: words.

Sorceress? (I can’t think of any reason why this wouldn’t be great on business cards.) To-The-Last-Drop Lime Squeezer? Avid Shin Kicker? 1999 World Pogo-stick Champion? (note: remember to search engine optimize this part later.)

So, what do I do?

We all have, and have had many interests. Most of us could probably assign ourselves many different titles and describe many different on-goings and daily routines that would help others identify with who we are. Through a focus on nutrition, bio-energetic balance and intention; I enjoy playing a role in strengthening and supporting the lives of others, my own life and the life of our planet. I feel passionate about this work, yet when I’m asked about what I do, one of the very first things that surfaces in my mind is: I write.

I write for others—both hard copy and online venues with a focus on whole & wild foods, community, connection, spirituality and sustainability. I write about anything, really, that I find interesting and worthy of sharing.

Just as importantly, I write for myself—and have since I was 8 years old. I find enormous joy, depth, structure and release through expressing myself in written form.

I love taking a huge pool of information, whittling it down to the “top of the top” regarding importance, and transforming it into something that might have the ability to make another soul’s life more meaningful—more fulfilling. When I was very young, I recall reading the dictionary cover to cover—feeling my way around all of these amazing lettered concoctions—trying each on for fit in my mind. Words (and the expressions and feelings delivered through them) delight me. They satiate me. They turn me on. They turn me off. They keep me searching for more.

The most profound changes come through allowing our desires and our passions to take on (more of) a leading role in the lives we’re creating; and I feel incredibly passionate when my fingers are dancing around the keyboard, allowing thoughts and words to flow from their ongoing, mind-space locale—connecting, if only for a brief moment, you and I. When I’m writing about and sharing something that I’m drawn to, I’m reminded of the power within and around me. I’m reminded that there’s something bigger and that I’m a part of it—that you’re a part of it. When we begin stripping away the tangible components of this reality, all that remains is the energy to transform, to create…and the hope and trust that these creations will continue on with a renewing resonance all their own.

It’s never about getting it “right.” It’s not about perfection in word choice, in spelling or grammatical precision. It’s about pulling pieces of life that move me to the fore…and creating change, one paragraph at a time.

—unveiled. uncensored. just real, wild, rooted & free—

I love the feeling of being vulnerable. I love being real, open and honest—and I love allowing others to be the same. I feel many things, both from a distance and touch-wise, through my hands and love exploring and expressing through them. I love dancing to hip-hop music…(one of these is not like the others;)). I am reliable and trustworthy. I am both soft and fierce. I love and revere the holiness of this life.

I love interacting with others through intimate, playful banter.

I am drawn to unguarded life stories.

I love bringing myself to the table. I love seeing you there. I love being so wholly present with you. I love holding space—wading out, diving deep—processing through the murkier, weightier stuff—feeling spirit moving through and around us—releasing until there is nothing left to let go of…and coming up and out as lighter, clearer, more truthful versions of our already perfect selves.

Still, amidst any intensity that this life brews up, there are few things that I approach with resolute seriousness. I laugh easily. I laugh hard. I laugh often.

I love cultivating deep and sustaining relationships. I love unified presence. I love brotherhood. I love sisterhood. I love talking about change, cycles, rhythms and routine on-goings. I love dancing around a fire until every part of our sacred, sweaty bodies is an unrestrained revelation of intent and prayer.

This is all part of my truth.

I am evolving—always.

We all are.

—the education-related, yet sill very “first person” background version—

When I’m not entirely immersed in my work of being both a mother and role model to the two amazing souls I’ve chosen to spend time with during this life, I can most often be found exploring indigenous nutrition, sustainable living, energetic on-goings, dabbling in the world of liquid herbal alchemy, wild foraging, writing—or in a mad fit of laughter or research (admittedly, I am a chronic information collector).

The majority of what I have being tossed around in my mind comes from self-directed education. I’ve always been motivated and resourceful when it comes to finding answers to persistent questions. After college, I briefly taught high school biology and environmental science. Later, I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a state-funded conservation project in southern Indiana. I learned much from and appreciate both experiences. When I first created this site, this morsel held an evolving certification list that was more related to my current work—but the truth is that, while I’ve appreciated and enjoyed studying alongside and learning from many informed and insightful souls, no degree or certification has been as instrumental in defining or creating who I am or what I bring to the table as my everyday life experiences and innate direction. Reading through (or writing about) educational lists and backgrounds always reminds me of one of my favorite lines from The Invitation by Oriah: “It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.” (Yes, please!)

I do, however, understand that there are those who prefer knowing a bit about educational journeys, so the following is a slice of a forever-dynamic and very un-defining list…

My college (and following work) experience was in secondary biology education, natural resources and conservation. I have spent time studying alongside experts in the areas of herbal medicine and whole/live food nutrition. I’ve welcomed training as a B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) and Reiki practitioner. I’ve enjoyed training in detoxification, body systems, digestive wellness, colon hydrotherapy, reflexology, iridology, body ecology, sustainable design/construction and wild foraging. While I’m interested in many preventative care paradigms and healing methods, I’m most drawn to anything rooted in whole-being balance, love, abundance and gratitude.

I thoroughly thrive while learning, and (while most fall into my life with fortuitous timing) am often scouting out new programs, classes and workshops to participate in. Education, whether self or institutionally directed, will certainly be for me (as it is for many) a never-ending process.

—an all-over-the-map, “big pic” puree—

a few random bits

I enjoyed the earlier years of Saturday Night Live. I thrive around good, random humor—and am always grateful to spend time with people I can really laugh with. Very small homes and spiders fascinate me. I dig using the word “dig,” and I really dig music—any music, but especially live music, reggae, 80’s, soul/rhythm & blues and big band. I am a passionate player in re-writing systems that no longer support our best and highest interests. I am humbled by the gracious and patient presence of our planet.

my kids

I receive a daily dose of balancing, sustaining medicine through two funny, intelligent, imaginative and intuitive children. I am grateful, honored and delighted to be journeying through this life both sharing with and learning from these two beautiful souls. They just “get it.” I will consider the job well done if I teach them half of what I believe they will be teaching me.

my healing journey

My intuitively and spiritually led, hands-on healing journey began in 2002, when a feline friend developed a condition that a local vet claimed he wouldn’t survive. I felt lost and crucially hopeful for guidance outside of the allopathic community. One late, stormy night, I walked down to a pond near our home. I collapsed on the ground and began to weep. I had no idea, really, who I was talking with—who I was asking guidance from, but I knew that I wasn’t alone; and I knew that I was fully surrendered and open to whatever came next. The days and weeks that followed repeatedly leave me without words—yet, the foundation of what I took away from this stretch is that there are no limits to what is possible.

This experience, alongside previously disregarded effects of stress, launched the beginning of several years of education regarding nutrition, energetics and healing (all three of which I quickly discovered a very innate connection with). It would be untruthful to claim that this journey has been smooth in its entirety. That written, nothing happens sans reason or purpose and I am consistently astonished and humbled by the avenues the universe has taken to push me into the areas I need to be to fulfill my purpose here on this planet. My research and work have led me into countless divine connections with some of the most incredible souls and experiences. For all of this, I am full of deep, deep love and gratitude.

our earth

An underlying thread linking the majority of what I think about, dream about, do and believe is my love for our Earth and my passion to help her return to a state of balance. Eating a whole food diet—with an emphasis on conscientiously grown, local food—is one of many powerful ways to live in nurturing symbiosis with our beautiful home. Every day, I take time to hold the following intention; All of the people here on Earth love, respect and care deeply for her. Our Earth is happy, health, balanced, vibrant and thriving. I trust in this.

…and you…

My overall mission is to nourish our community and our Earth by providing support, techniques, information and guidance relating to sustainable living, loving & healing. My consistent vision is a healthy and thriving population and planet where imaginations are alive, stagnant systems are rethought and sustainability is a way of life.

My desire, throughout the years, has been to help enable others to turn their life in any direction they wish, to help cultivate a better sense of balance and to help recreate components of their life that might not be fully aligned with their purpose.

I cannot adequately express, through words, how this work fills and sustains me. To help create wholeness in others creates wholeness in myself. Through this, I am renewed—and I am so genuinely interested in you and your story. If the above resonates with you and your intuition leads you in my direction—know that I look forward to sharing in a bit of your journey.




** Unless noted, all content (written, photographed and illustrated) is original work and is copyrighted material. Please connect with me before copying, distributing or displaying.

Transgressing Boundaries…

I remember myself as spirit and as human.
I remember the past.
I remember the future.
I remember ways of living and of being across many lifetimes.
I remember how to communicate with the natural elements that pattern our physical presence.
I love and remember you as a wise and beautiful soul.
I encourage us—you and I—to continue expanding our individual perceptions of oneness and wholeness until we, collectively, reach the place where every facet of our being enhances our own lives and the lives of each soul we meet.
I remember that we can do this.

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