occasionally i’ll pick out a spiritually-focused book from the library, and notice that i feel repelled after only a couple chapters (or pages). it’s interesting when this happens and it provokes me to think about the book’s message—what it is about it that isn’t sitting well with me. the response often settles somewhere around it seeming too inaccessible, too abstract or too focused on evading this earthly experience in some way. we each chose it—this experience—so why are we, at times, so focused on “transcending” it?

i used to often feel, and sometimes say, that i have one foot in the spirit world and one foot here on earth…but this has grown to feel inaccurate. i am wholly spirit, and i am wholly human. neither feel partial to me these days. we are connected to an extensive expanse of divine and spiritual guidance and to our most connected, true and full-picture selves—and, in each moment, we come to care for and better know our breath and bones. we come to care for and better know our aging bodies and the ways that this physical reality honors an agreement that we are never above or separate from the laws of nature.

limitless, yet embodied.
each overlapping and intertwined with the other.
each complete.
and both deserving of deep reverence and wide witnessing.