the area of transformational wellness has been my steadfast stone, workwise, for the past several years. i see a gem of strength and purpose in each soul that i meet, and i adore offering guidance to those seeking directional clarity along the path of polishing their purpose. i’ve enjoyed this variety of shamanic soul work across many lifetimes and suspect that it will continue beyond this immediate stretch of the journey.

along with thee above particular purpose, i’m also traveling through with the unwavering goal of breaking down systems that are no longer serving people in the best and highest of ways. it is with both of these in mind that i’ve been treading in the direction of forgoing a traditional office space in lieu of a more informal, yet maybe more connected, setup.

it has been a toilsome decision…
i totally dig my interactions with people who are drawn to discovering the magic that is interwoven into this time-space reality. this piece of above-all sentiment aside, i have (without much effort) spent most of my life pulling my personal presence and practice away from institutionally-ignited, systematic on-goings. spending time in a 10 by 12 room, with my name strewn in cold black and white amongst a column of others just outside the door, dressed in a certain type of attire with a string of people in adjacent work spaces all plucking away at the daily pile, fails to fill me with the connected comfort and enthusiasm that i expect to be the greeting, tone and result of every meeting.

our gut-sourced wisdom (what feels good and right) is our best, if not only, measure of personal truth—i dish out this li’l feature, routinely… yet i still occasionally find myself wedged between doing what feels right to me and what seems better accepted by our society.

i feel the increasing squeeze in my stomach when i meet up with people to chat about earth-connected living and abundance (in all of its myriad forms) in an environment that feels anything other than innately connected to the stream of energy on which we focus.

(pausing for a deep breath…as if putting it in writing will concretize the deliberation— ha!;))

i have passed along a two month notice of planning to move on from the small space i currently (and only occasionally) work in.

AND!!! {huge smile sweeping across my face…}

(when the time feels right,) i plan to “sign on” for a (very small) yurt in the backyard—for divinely shared space and the co-drift onward and upward…
deep~steeped in ambrosial expansion.

i expect that it will appear “unprofessional” to some……
{still smiling…}
…it feels so right to me.