“what are your fears?”

occasionally somebody will ask me this question.

whether legitimate and serving to keep us safe, or illogical and working to hold us back, we all occasionally experience the feeling of fear. for me, diving is a response that reliably surfaces. i love to swim, but have never entered water head first. i was the girl, during high school swim classes, who had to check off the diving requirement from the side of the pool. and, while i most enjoy focusing on the current moment, sometimes i’ll imagine my life years from now and wonder whether i’ll look back and wish that anything would have played out differently. “what if” games are dicey.:)

i don’t know that i will ever dive. i don’t even know that i’m interested in trying…but i address the other thought through frequently checking in with myself to reflect on what is most important. love is always the foundation to whatever arises—spending time with the souls i am most drawn to, meeting others in a warm, open and kind space, making time for the things and activities that i enjoy, allowing my sense of passion and excitement to lead me in new directions and into new experiences…

creating life around love leaves little room to focus on or wish for anything different—
and makes fear, in general, feel a lot less relevant.