during tonight’s walk, a beetle met up with me along main street and flew parallel right by my side for nearly an entire block. it was curiously odd, and undeniably amusing. the thought of others catching sight of my enthused communication with an insect didn’t even cross my mind…not until now, anyway.;) instinctively, i finally uttered a small “thank you”—for what i’ve garnered in the way of information and connection during this past week every bit as much as for our brief co-stride. as if noticing that i had finally received the wink, it flew off. i like to assume that little moments like these are palpable extensions of universal nods that assure the perfection in our place along the path. in, i take them—with awe and childlike appetite.

offering up a bit of off-the-cuff thanks in the most simple and unsophisticated of ways is one of the purest pleasures in my life. it was several years ago that i discontinued the daily expression of some of the more traditional words of prayer in our culture. i stopped asking for safety and protection for myself and the people i adore, simply because it didn’t resonate with the confidence in which i knew these things to infinitely exist without request. the practice, in entirety, was easily replaced with daily ‘gratitudes.’ my children and i take time every day—usually twice right before we eat—to sit down and share what we enjoy; what we are happy and grateful for. these shares range from deep and serious tear~conjuring joys to light, playful and laughter inducing on-goings. i’ve grown so fond of these moments, where any frustrations we might be holding fall away with ease and are replaced with a focus on the cozy quality of cheer and abundance. i value the way that this practice has led to an increase in impromptu moments of grateful expression…from all of us.

while i am (equally and effortlessly) entertained by my thoughts during the daytime hours—tonight, i am happy and grateful for the ideas and interpretations that flow during my nighttime rambles. during this time, shining conceptual gems—with purpose strewn grace—often find their way in to intermingle with the more mundane dreams and schemes. i become simultaneously solitary and connected, intimately aware of all that surrounds me—and {more fully} attuned to channeling that which serves to pull me closer to Truth, Love and Light.
i am happy.
i am grateful.

“the universe is full of magical things… patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” 
eden phillpots