to nourish our community and our Earth by providing support, techniques, information and guidance relating to sustainable living, loving & healing.

a healthy and thriving population and planet where imaginations are alive, stagnant systems are rethought, sustainability is a way of life and good health abounds.


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 Transgressing Boundaries…
I remember myself as spirit and as human.
I remember the past.
I remember the future.
I remember ways of living and of being across many lifetimes.
I remember how to communicate with the natural elements that pattern our physical presence.
I love and remember you as a wise and beautiful soul.
I encourage us—you and I—to continue expanding our individual perceptions of oneness and wholeness until we, collectively, reach the place where every facet of our being enhances our own lives and the lives of each soul we meet.
I remember that we can do this.


 ** Unless noted, all content (written, photographed and illustrated) is original work and is copyrighted material. Without my knowledge and consent, I do not allow others to copy, distribute, display or tweak my work.



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