i’m beginning this new year with a simple song share.

i have come across a lot of great music this past year, but the below song stands out as my favorite song crush of 2017. there are, of course, a lot of things that can create a good tune—the notes, the lyrics, the feelings that either or both elicit :: but my most favorite songs—the ones that i repeatedly reach out for and come back to—are ones that remind me, instantaneously, of our connection…of our wholeness.

this one.

“…’cause [we are] holy and sacred and righteous and true.”

blessings for a beautiful new year, dear ones!
you deserve to be here…and you are so loved.

when i no longer fear the unknown
’cause i know what i am here for
i keep on trodding on my own path
keep on learning from my present and past
when i no longer need validation
’cause my story is long and i’m patient
i know that i have lessons to learn, keep my heart open each step i earn
no need for me to feel alone, ’cause i got a place that i call home
every single road traveled, every single new place
i come back home, they accept me with grace
i know that i was meant to be here, and i know that i was born into fear
but i will stand tall in the lions’ den, ’cause i know in my heart i am one of them
there are lies in the facets of everything that we see
telling us to be scared, when all we ever are is free
i’m letting go of the things that don’t serve me no more
’cause i am holy and sacred and righteous and true
and i deserve to be here and so do you
…the pressure always come from the outside
try not to let it in where i reside
this is my heart, my home, my choice, my love, my life, my path, my voice
i feel my heart grow with each step
stand firm in where the path goes next
i know that where it goes is where i need to be,
the more lessons rained down, more blessings i see