this past year has been fun and insightful.

a few highlights:
traveling to spain…in my mind, candidly addressing several questions upon discovering that i no longer like mayonnaise after a ten-year hiatus, convincing a friend that it would be a good idea to give people macaroni art this holiday season…and writing out the traditional list of obscure and irrelevant things that sort of happened, happened or that just make me laugh when i imagine them happening. (i convinced nobody about the joy and wonder that would follow opening a macaroni-laden paper design.:))

on an entirely different note; last winter seemed rough. the far-too-long-feeling break from the outdoor activities that i love and accompanying sense of disconnection felt palpable and weighty.

this year, i am back to appreciating this stretch of time for what it is and what it offers; our earth’s primordial invitation to settle into stillness and an opportunity to quietly reflect and simply be.

the art of doing less and turning inward comes with big rewards.
i always reconvene with the more active spring-time world with a refined awareness of and appreciation for the source within me, for the intelligence of my cells and body, for directional clarity.

another year of boundless possibilities and sincere connection lies ahead of us.
for now, i’m content to occasionally think about it all between chapters and cups.

happy new year, loved ones!
warmth and blessings for a beautiful 2016!