for years, when i feel really aligned with something—whether it is a vision, an idea, a person, a sight or a situation—i have, without much thought, breathed out and offered up the simple mantra; yes, please, more, please and thank you. it can certainly be true that ‘less is more’, yet sometimes more is more! —more love, more healing medicine, more unguarded life stories, more excitement, more passion, more aliveness, more given, more received.

there are moments when i feel myself pulling back from the ‘more’ in life. fear and/or doubt can be so skilled at penetrating our bold, warrior spirits. included in my daily meditation and intention, as of late, is a focus on continuing to stretch the boundaries of ‘yes’ and ‘more’ in my life—and to move assuredly forward with any changes, coordination and responsibilities that these ‘yeses’ and ‘mores’ might require.

continually, i surrender to the power and majesty of this present, perfect moment—while also further opening up to the wildness and goodness of this life.

new year blessings to and for all.

yes, please.
more, please.
and thank you.


(photo credit; jon ciula)