i visited the well, today.

after a stretch of being closed, barricaded, tested, touched, tinkered with and “sanitized” after a monthly water test came up positive for two forms of bacteria; it is, again, open and freely fluid.

the last time that i visited, it was wrapped in orange, protective netting. i sat, silently, amidst the outskirts of this sacred space and place and prayed for its health, wholeness and happiness—for ours—and for my own; all one and the same.

i was happy to see it, today—to feel it.

i immediately noticed that there is a new “warning” sign up. it felt insulting before i read it. still, i read it. it cautioned regarding the potential presence of organisms, but it noted nothing of the energy, the life, or the intelligence of the liquid spilling down from each shiny spigot. it suggested a thorough boil, but left unwritten the layers and layers of purifying Earth that it traveled through.

for a moment, i felt scared.
i felt scared about the possibility of bacterial contamination, but more-so, i felt scared wondering what was used to “sanitize” this treasured, earth-anchored outlet—and wondering if any of it remained.

i sat down, gathered up a handful of water, brought it to my nose; familiar scent. i brought it to my lips; familiar taste.

quieting my mind, a favorite quote by osho immediately swept in;

don’t move the way fear makes you move.
move the way love makes you move.
move the way joy makes you move.


this is a space that i know.
this is a space that knows me.
this is a space that i love.
this is a space that loves me.


i stayed for a long while—thinking, drinking, thanking, loving…letting go.

in this surrendered and trusting heart-space; i find God.
i find home.