‘the universe recreates itself around our picture of reality.  if we continue to replay our old tapes, we tend to reproduce them as well.’
-eric pearl


i love my first thoughts in the early morning hours. often, i wake up singing. very rarely do i wake up and immediately begin mindfully taking stock of the day’s on-goings. almost always, there is something magical a’brew– something that makes me want to lay there for a few minutes…and then for a few more– something that i carry with me for the majority of the day…if only as a very distant, atmospheric awareness.

this morning, i woke up thinking about a trip to the fantastic artesian well that we bottle our water from.  the water is amazing, the drive is worthy and the people we meet, nearly every time, are grateful and happy. during this particular trip, however, there were two different groups at the well with us; one group of girls and an older couple with two younger children. the girls were making jokes about the rusty piping and the moss growing under the pipes. they took and drink and yelled, ‘eeewwwww!?! this is disgusting, horrible water!’ ….as they walked away, i heard them complaining about one or two other things. a couple of minutes later, the younger kids and older couple strolled up. the man and woman were enthusiastically reading the sidelined plaque about the well to the kids. they were so excited to drink this special water. they all filled their cups, took a drink…both children joyfully cried out, ‘this is incredible!!! it’s soooo cold! soooooo good!’

our expectations, and the patterned ways in which we perceive and react to life go a very long way in creating our reality. this goes beyond many allied ideas wrapped around optimism vs. pessimism to embrace the source-centered, visceral space lining the purity of connection and of holding the intention to experience the beauty in life…in all of the multifaceted ways and forms that it’s offered.

most of us are familiar with the rhetorical ‘is the glass half empty or half full?’ question/expression. regardless of how much water or liquid there is in the cup, my kids describe it as full. not half-full. full-full. ……i treasure the wise, simple guidance coming through our planet’s children…

{…and i treasure the incredible, so cold, so good water that we’re able to share in with others….:)}