2010 hooked my interest at ‘hello.’ it forced me to step up, to leap and bound in areas of soulful progress that has both frightened and delighted me. it continued unveiling tucked away abilities that i had (and hid) as a child and it pushed forth, to a place that cannot be ignored, the task of sorting through and organizing them all in a way that makes sense to me, and in a way that i could give to others while making sense to them. though it’s been awash with trials and do~overs, the path to this moment has been beautiful and, at times (many times,) rugged, bouldered—seemingly impassible. the timing and unfolding along the entire route, of course, has been nothing less than perfect…and i can only hope that it remains just bumpy enough to continue being the fascinating teacher that it’s been.

the universe continues to roll out its brand of savvy when it comes to the alignment of souls, places and experiences—focusing all into faultless position. in this year, more than any other year, i have connected (or deepened connections) with people who are divinely ‘calibrated’ to an intense, collective purpose—people that i instantly recognize beyond this physical space and place—people that consistently nudge the notion of divine love and genius to the fore—people who i {truly} adore, cherish and enjoy.

simultaneously and somewhat logically impossible, things have both sped up and waned to a near~imperceptible hum. i feel happy and content to sit back and witness the direction this planet is heading. i feel happy and content to witness the soulful transformations around and within so many people. i feel happy and content here—right here…in this moment, our moment. i love and thank all of you for sharing it with me…and fully expect that, together, we will create an amazing new year.

welcome, beautiful 2011♥