having a background (and genuine interest) in science, i am naturally drawn to the study of energy on several levels. one tidbit that always stood out in my mind from each class was that energy cannot be created or destroyed—it is perpetual and can only change form. to change form, energy must be in motion, and all energy follows the basic laws of movement. movement is vibration and according to the law of vibration, nothing rests. everything is in a constant state of moving, of vibrating. due to electromagnetic force, vibrations move between a positive pole and a negative pole. the law of attraction (like attracts like), the law of polarity (everything is dual and, for movement to occur, there must be a positive and negative pole) and the law of vibration all work together to manifest our life experience through (what may seem really complex, but is) the simple movement of energy. we attract what we vibrate. we vibrate what we think, what we feel, what we intend, what we desire. words and thoughts are extremely important—they have energy and they reel in similar energy.

although each of us individually exists, we are an integral part of this universal consciousness or source energy. we, in our most basic form, exist as a vibration. the smallest particles known to man are vibrations. thoughts are vibrations. words are vibrations. sounds are vibrations. light is a vibration. our amazing planet and everything, seen or unseen, on or within, is a vibrating mass of atoms and subatomic particles. our collective vibrating energetic masses overlap, interact and harmonize all day, every day.

the law of attraction is always working. what we’ve been experiencing in our lives, we’ve been creating, either consciously or subconsciously. as we are made of and connected to creative source energy, what exists around us has been coming through us. our life is a physical manifestation of our thoughts and feelings. (it is the manifestation of the bulk of our thoughts and feelings. as part of our human experience, most of us occasionally think and feel poorly and, thankfully, attraction does not work instantaneously.) the viable essence is this: the more energy we give to something (good or bad), the more that this “something” will be drawn into our life. whether intentionally or unintentionally, we create our own reality, which means that we can always change it—and this is as brilliant as it is powerful!